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About Us

  Larry and Pam are the founders/owners of Potluck Joint Relief. Potluck Joint Relief started with our salve.
  Larry tragically lost his leg 31 years ago in a motorcycle accident.  After leg amputation and a long healing process, doctors put him on every opioid imaginable for pain management.  Larry reluctantly took the prescriptions thinking that was the only possible pain management.  After years of taking prescription medications that were not working and messing up the rest of his body... Larry decided to get off all prescription medication and try treating himself with just marijuana, and it worked. 
  Three years ago Larry tried the salve.  It eliminated numeral issues with and because of his residual limb.  Issues that he had always dealt with since the leg amputation.   Pam created an extra strength salve recipe for Larry.  She used all different ingredients to make a very potent salve that relieves so much of the pain hence the name "Potluck". Because of our personal experience, the desire to help other people just like Larry and offer an alternative form of care, the willingness to educate about the benefits of marijuana and to share our story, began the start of Potluck Joint Relief.  

  As Potluck Joint Relief grows throughout the years we are discovering so many different uses for marijuana, different delivery systems to make dosing easier, and so many marijuana benefits for a wide range of ailments.  From flower, to creams, to tinctures, to vape pens, to edibles, to distillate.

  We take great pride in our company, the plants we decide to grow, and the products our company offers to our patients. 
We are very selective of the strains we decide to grow.  We do not use any pesticides on our plants and pride ourselves on cleanliness at our grow. 
  We have all of our plants tested and have received amazing results. 
We proudly carry other locally grown marijuana and hemp products, locally hand blown glass pipes, and support many other local businesses.
  We proudly and respectfully follow the Maine Medical Marijuana Program laws and guidelines. 
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